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Dry cane

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I went to see a grower recently who was about to have the last of their Miscanthus lifted off-farm. In the last few months I have seen Miscanthus stored in all conditions, from indoors and bone dry to field edge and rain-lashed. This lot was exemplary.

It is seen here in the pole barn behind a wall of old round bales which have done a fine job of keeping the rain off and will probably do so again next year. The Miscanthus behind is in excellent condition, top to bottom. The same building was housing hay within a week, and will be filled up with straw after harvest. Truly earning its keep all year round.

Why does this matter? Because dry Miscanthus will earn more for the grower than wet. Devoting the same care and attention to Miscanthus as you would to almost any other crop on the farm makes economic, as well as aesthetic, sense.