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Meet our new general manager and head of accounts

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From its inception in 2012, Terravesta has seen impressive growth and now boasts 20 full-time employees as well as seasonal staff.

Our business is our people and we’re pleased to announce that Alex Robinson has moved from operations manager to general manager and Tracy Devlin-Gray has moved from accounts assistant to head of accounts…


Alex Robinson, general manager

Alex has been pivotal in the growth of the business since the beginning and what he doesn’t know about Miscanthus isn’t worth knowing.

He’s been a driving force for our continued success and plays a vital role in steering the Terravesta ship. His new position includes the management of the new expanded team. “My job is now focussed on ensuring the company delivers the objectives set by the board to the best of our ability,” explains Alex.

Alex has seen many changes and has overcome numerous challenges. “I like thinking back to before we even had a name and the challenge of repairing a damaged reputation for Miscanthus. Seven years ago, it was considered an alternative crop with a dented reputation and uncertain future. Today, demand is outstripping supply and 50,000 tonnes is burned in power plants every year with rapidly growing markets on the horizon,” he says.

“It’s been a really exciting journey and it wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible team we have,” adds Alex.


Tracy Devlin-Grey, head of accounts

Tracy Devlin-Gray has a keen eye for detail and is meticulous in her approach to accounting. Her recent move from accounts assistant to head of accounts means she will be more involved in our financial planning and budgeting, as well as providing a  strong contribution to new areas such as our science department.

Tracy manages the daily operations of the accounts department, monitors accounting data and produces financial reports as well as maintaining a high standard of accounting principles.

“I’m now managing more areas of business finance on a more strategic level, including budgeting, insurance and the growing science side of the business.

“I’ve been with Terravesta for two years and the business has seen exciting changes in that time. I’m really pleased to be offered the position,” says Tracy.